Nan Ring

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What are you working on right now?

I am working presently on an installation of figurative and nature-based art for Fresh Air Montclair, an initiative curated by Mary See to fill store windows with art during the pandemic. My window installation is a large collage of darkroom photography, digital photography, and painting accompanied by my original poem titled "Elephantine." It is about skin — the skin we're in — and perceptions of beauty. Primarily a painter, my work often includes photography, text like poetry and sometimes sewing to reference what is commonly known as "women's work." I make work that is about interiority and ephemerality, and I've been called an "intimist," a word coined by a mentor who understood my obsession with the intimate, small moment. I'm also re-teaching myself embroidery, learned in childhood, to incorporate into my work. By the time of the open studio event, my window will be completed and the exhibit may end. Work that might be on view in my virutual studio might include photos of that installation and other figurative and nature-based paintings and works in other materials in process that all deal with the ephemeral nature of life and inner states of being. I am a visual artist and author, and I like incorporating text like my original poems into my work. "Elephantine" and more of my work will also be included in an anthology titled "Earth Of" published by a member of the arts organization, Numbers, Arts and Letters that I hope to include in open studios.

What would you like to say about Manufacturers Village Artist Community?

Until I found my home-away-from-home at Manufacturer's Village (or MV as we affectionately call it) I was completely isolated as an artist working in a bedroom in my house. I had a couple of other studios before then in Passaic and in Newark, but neither of these had the sense of close community and vibrancy of MV. The open studio event is an incredible opportunity to enter into the working spaces of forty plus artists and meet them, even if virtually like this year. In some sense, MV is like another family for us; we know that we have each others' backs and are rooting for each other. I feel fortunate to be part of this unique and interesting place.

What's next for you?

Upcoming exhibits include a group exhibition, "The Space Between" at Alfa Gallery in East Brunswick, NJ, opening in September, and currently I am in a group exhibition, "Interplay" at Susan Eley Fine Art Gallery, based in NYC and pop-up in Hudson, NY, until September 20th. The publication of the arts organization Letters, Arts and Numbers will include several poems and paintings of mine, due out this Fall as well. In addition, Alfa Gallery is creating video interviews with their artists, including me, that will accompany the exhibition. What's next in studio work is a series of paintings done in the Old Flemish style that I have used a lot in the past in which a monochrome underpainting is layered with tinted glazes on top like sheets of colored glass creating a beautiful, enamel-like surface and glowing color. The series, begun with my painting "Of the Broken," now on view at Susan Eley, is comprised of multi-figure compositions about inner states of being, ephemerality, inter-connectedness, the living, the departed, the whole and the broken.