Donna Moran

My studio practice has been influenced by our recent pandemic, political climate, severe weather patterns, and the over-building of our landscape-as well as my love of pattern and decoration. The seemingly man-made opportunities for disasters affect my perception of our physical and political lives and influence my work, although I am becoming more positive as the world reopens. I believe that the series Ecstatic Cahoots celebrates the most recent positive feelings I have.

In my newest series, titled Ecstatic Cahoots (2021) there is more ability to see the light then in the previous series, Monsters Among Us (2020-21) which was reflective of Covid and the politics of last year. Ecstatic Cahoots is work on paper that combine drawing, painting and silkscreen monoprint. It is a new take on an earlier set of drawings that I am calling Anticipatory Cahoots, started before the pandemic. The drawing is developed over past silkscreen monoprints and then sometimes collaged. After I collage the work, I continue to draw on them. I continually reuse my past work, allowing the architecture of the past work to reassert into the new.

Alternate Burst.jpg