Donna Moran

Donna Moran
Artist Statement
September 2020
Lives in Montclair NJ/Works in Brooklyn NY at Pratt Institute
Web site: instagram: donnamoranstudio

My recent studio practice has been influenced by our present political climate, the pandemic we are experiencing, the natural cataclysms and seemingly man-made and natural opportunities for disasters- fires, tornados, hurricanes. My work has become darker due to our present realities - in my newest work- a series I am calling Monsters Among US, there is less ability to see the light then in my previous work.

After stepping down from Chair of Fine Arts at Pratt Institute and the Dean position at Pratt MWP I returned to the main campus in 2018, and began working in the studio once again- creating my own residency. During a sabbatical year, I had a residency at The Vermont Studio Center where I began working on a generation of work that included analog mark making, using pencil and primarily casein paint, and was a blend of landscape and architecture. After that I had residency at The American Academy in Rome developing A Conversations With E. Villa-Matas, pushing this imagery to a third generation of development: Cosa si Intende per Essere Successo, which loosely translates to “whatever was meant to happen did,” a phrase that speaks to the experimental intention of my work. In 2019 I started a new body of work Reactionary Impulses. This work was included in the exhibit MAGICAL SPACES, FAMILIAR PLACES at Kean University in November 2019.

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