Ellen Goellner

Ellen Goellner’s work involves both visual elements and texts. She explores dangers that impact children and adults—war, violence, domestic violence, under-resourced communities, including rural and urban communities and refugee camps. She is interested in the worlds that children construct without adult language. The visual elements do not simply illustrate themes; instead Ellen strives to create a dynamic between the visual and textual that illuminate the relationship between the two by exploring the tensions and undercuttings as well as mutual insights between them. She works in ink, watercolor, acrylic, papers, printings, color sticks, photographs and cement paste, which she then fixes to paper or canvas board. She quotes from the works of writers she admires and uses her own poetry in her works. Ellen also creates monoprint studies. “I strive to give the viewer an experience of intimacy with a work, and with the ideas and feelings a work may provoke.” Contact: Instagram user name: mydogmavis</p>

Alternate Burst.jpg