J Steven Patton

I have been painting and drawing since my early teen years. I work mostly in oils and charcoal at this point in my career but lately have been experimenting with pastels. After graduating with a fine arts degree from the College of New Jersey I worked as a designer for several years and eventually landed in the corporate world. Art has always been in integral part of my life and soul and could even be distinguished in seemingly non-art-related tasks like writing business proposals, creating marketing strategies or plating a delicious meal.

Since leaving the corporate world in 2019 I have been living my true calling, painting and drawing prolifically with real joy. The essence of my recent works I like to describe Physical Expressionism. I love experimenting with color, line and brushstroke texture to create a sense of mystery in the cerebral portraits and figures I create.

In these troubled times I often find the need to express outrage with my art at hostility and injustice that is fueled by racial, religious, gender and economic disparity. Some works are not meant to be pretty pictures but I hope they provide meaning and even provoke discussion about these issues that have plagued us for generations.

I was born and raised in Wyckoff, New Jersey. He presently resides in Bloomfield, NJ.

Alternate Burst.jpg