Jonathan Lewis

I'm a British artist who grew up in London but moved to Millburn, New Jersey, in 2013. Largely self-taught, I first considered a career as an artist whilst studying for my degree in History of Art at Cambridge University. My first job after graduation was at the Victoria & Albert Museum where I befriended a curator who was transitioning away from academia into becoming a full-time artist, and this fateful encounter provided the spark that set me on the same path. I work across a range of media from prints to photos, videos, artists’ books, and painting but there’s a fairly consistent thread, namely my obsession with the pixel! I consider the pixel to be emblematic of our age, and just as ‘the digital’ has invaded almost every aspect of our lives my various attempts to depict it range broadly across popular culture. Subjects include candy wrappers, fine art, fast cars, cigarettes, album covers, designer clothing, gun manufacturers, celebrities, and (latterly) emojis. Exhibition highlights include the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Morgan Library & Museum, and the Cleveland Museum of Art, and his work is held in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the George Eastman Museum, and the artist, Ed Ruscha.

Alternate Burst.jpg