Leslie Adler

My name is Leslie Adler and I am an artist. Originally from New York City, I now live in Northern New Jersey and Vermont. I have exhibited in many states in the U.S. as well as in Paris.

After earning a BS degree in Advertising Design from the University of Maryland I worked as an Art director and Graphic Designer. I then earn a Master of Fine Arts degree from William Paterson University to pursue a Fine Arts career.

Most of my work is on paper, having been drawn to it’s many natural qualities since I can remember. My most prevalent
mediums are ink combined with natural dyes, and all kinds of paint including oil and acrylic. I also really like to create installation work as well. Creating installation art began as an extension and sublimation of ideas in my paintings. I experiment with printmaking and ceramics. Maintaining a drawing practice is also important to me.

I can often be found in my studio in East Orange New Jersey. I am currently a member of First Street Gallery in New York City. I have taught at the college level, run art camps, and curated many exhibitions.

My objective with art is to provide witness of our humanity.

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