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Lisa Hunt

Lisa Hunt (b. 1968) is a Maplewood, New Jersey-based artist and designer. Her screen printed and collaged works on paper and panel explore the spatial and meditative relationships found within repeat patterns. Through the use of graphic shapes and symbols, Hunt’s work draws inspiration from a broad range of influences including West African textiles, African American quilt-making, typography and the Art Deco movement. Hunt’s work draws a connection to adornment throughout history while commenting on contemporary materialism and value by accenting her primarily neutral palette with gold leaf.

In 2021, Lisa Hunt will be a founding fellow at the New Hope Colony Artist Residency, and her work will be featured at International Print Center New York and the Trout Museum. Previously, Hunt’s pieces have been exhibited at the Texas Contemporary Art Fair and have appeared in Elle Decor, Interior Design, and Luxe Interiors + Design. Hunt is a founding member of the Black Artists + Designers Guild and is represented by Uprise Art and Stella Ripley Contemporary.

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