Liz Murphy

Born and raised in England, Liz grew up drawing, painting and creating. She went on to study graphic design at Kingston University, Surrey, which launched her into a creative career in packaging design, branding, illustration and, more recently, interior design. Although she’s been living in the United States for years, her English heritage, training and professional experience still influence and inform her work today. Throughout her career, she has designed and produced a line of children’s products and illustrated 11 children’s books, including the New York Times best-selling Broadway Barks, authored by Broadway star Bernadette Peters. In 2010, Liz launched and continues to run a successful commercial and residential interior design business, where her European sensibility is clearly evident in her creations. As an artist, she is known for bringing an individual aesthetic that is able to transcend any one particular paradigm. Feeling a desire to re-experience her early love of drawing painting and creating art for pleasure, Liz turned her attention to fine art. She currently splits her time between her design projects and painting in her loft art studio.

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