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Nan Ring

Figure drawing and painting is at the core of my practice. I love the body and all it contains: its history, form, desire and emotion. I address questions about how the human body experiences the world, both the beauty and the burden of that experience. I first experienced an appreciation of the handmade from makers in my family, particularly the women who knitted, tatted, crocheted, embroidered, baked and cooked. They took their time to make fine handmade objects that all bore the print of the maker and the obvious signs of hours and hours of careful, patient craft. Even the recipes, handed down to me, an avid baker, were handwritten, with the fingerprints and notations of the pastry maker preserved as a valued part of the inheritance. I grew up on stories of strong ancestors who survived hardships with imagination and persistence, tools that as an artist I count among my most essential.

Alternate Burst.jpg
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