MVArtists Mural Project:


As a group of artists with studios in East Orange NJ we wanted to reach out the community around us. The goal of this project is to provide a public art opportunity for younger and emerging artists from East Orange, that will also engage the EO community at large.  It was important to us that everyone from the community who will be actually working on the project be paid for their work. This not only includes the artists who will be painting the mural, but also the project manager and the videographer.  We have a projected budget of $19,700 to cover these expenses, in addition to all of the art supplies needed. 

As of this week Colart (Colart is an international company that owns a number of major art supply brands, including Liquitex, Windsor & Newton, LeFranc Bourgeois, and other brands. ) has responded to our proposal by committing to donate ALL of the art supplies needed, AND an additional $15,000 toward the budget.  Thanks to this very generous donation from Colart, we will be able to move ahead with rolling out the project to the public as part of our October Open Studio event, with the goal of actually painting the mural in early spring of next year.  We will still need to raise an additional $4,700, and we hope that we will be able to do that ourselves.  

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